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Gifts for HER

November 20, 2014

Each Thursday morning at 8:10am until December 4th, you can watch me – LIVE – as I share Fresh & Unique Holiday Gifts with my friends & viewers on Breakfast Television Calgary.

This morning we talked about 5 great gifts for HER.

Here’s a re-cap with links and locations if you’re looking to gift any of these FAB ideas.

1. Travalo Classic 


I have a ton of girlfriends that carry oversized bags. Some travel with lamps like Mary Poppins, and others travel with full sized bottles of their favourite perfumes. Well, thanks to this perfect little contraption from Travalo, you can start to downsize. The 5ml sized holder is the perfect size for perfume on the go and it’s easy to fill.

Just pop the spritzer off the top of your favourite bottle, place the Travalo on the circular post, and pump away.  It’s so easy to use and will keep you smelling great wherever you go.

(Available at London Drugs and Shoppers Drugmart $20)

2. Luxe Box 


A delightful beauty surprise delivered to your door each season!

After creating a beauty profile, Luxe Box’s beauty editors will curate a box containing 7-8 items specially for you. ‘Luxe’ sized samples and full sized product of some of the newest items to hit the beauty world. From brands you love to brands you have yet to discover, the box contains a variety of items for skin, hair, nails and even the occasional tool!

Available on at an average price $25/box, it includes shipping. (Each Luxe Box contains products that if purchased individually would be double the cost of the box)…

(For FAB readers Luxe Box have offer a special discount on any of their membership plans)

3. Neil’s Yard Remedies


Located on 4th st SW in Calgary AB, the British founded Neil’s Yard has opened their 1st North American Boutique.

The apothecary is stocked with a variety of natural and organic products for your face, body and bath that will have you smelling great, looking great and feeling great!

For $30 you can join the Neil’s Yard team to ‘Create Your Own’! A 1.5 hour evening affair where you will learn to mix essential oils into a scent all your own. The cost of the evening also includes a full sized product in your customized fragrance, to take home.

(Available at Neil’s Yard Remedies in person or online. Class cost $30, includes full sized product)

4. Blue Tooth Wireless Head Phones 


Whether you’re working in an open concept office space, or are looking to hit the gym – cord free, these colourful Bluetooth head phones allow you to enjoy your personalized playlist throughout the day.

Designs by BOSE $279 and Kate Spade $128

(Available at Bose Stores & Nordstrom Canada)

5. T by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany T Jewelry Collection Francesca Amfitheatrof 5

For the 1st time in the iconic company’s 177 year history, Tiffany & Co’s design director is a Woman. At the helm, Francesca Amfitheatrof has designed the company’s newest collection… Simply named “T”. T features the newest technology in jewelry design all whilst keeping the collection simple, modern and clean.

(Available at Tiffany & Co. Prices available upon request)


Hope you enjoyed my gifts for HER!

Join me next Thursday, November 27th live on BT when I’ll share 5 great ‘PERSONALIZED’ gifts for Him & Her.


Mr. Fab for HER.

Looking forward to reading your comments!