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Marco Bicego at Birks – “All I want for Christmas”

November 19, 2014

Winter has arrived in la belle ville. And, with that first snowfall, comes pretty frost covered trees which twinkle in the evening light. Adding to that festive sparkle are Marco Bicego’s gorgeous collections, which are currently being featured at Maison Birks.

I was lucky enough to have a tete-à-tete with the Italian Designer himself as he signed pieces for Birks’ lucky VIPs.

First off, félicitations on the Milan store opening!

Thank you! We bought the space this year in July and we opened a month ago. Next week, I’ll be there for the big opening. I’m really excited.


How does it feel to have a presence in the fashion capitol?

It’s a big challenge for the Marco Bicego brand to be there. It’s good. The value of the brand is along-side other luxury brands of the world. And now, we not only have customers from Italy, but also world-wide, including Tokyo, [France, England, Basel] and Canada.

Have you been touring to different places in Canada?

No, I have been to Toronto twice and once to Montréal before today. And, actually, I don’t know a lot about this country, but I believe there is still great opportunity here.


Completely agree. Along that same vein, what have you learned so far about Canadian women and their style in terms of jewelry, as opposed to Italy or Japan?

Actually, it’s funny because, we found a comparison in what was selling out. Our best selling collection is a world-wide choice for ALL women. I can tell you, it surprised me as well, but the one thing that is apparent in all of the lines is the Marco Bicego ‘Made in Italy’ trademark: 18k yellow gold & artisan hand-made unique pieces. We have many artisans in the company – 80 employees.


For your Cairo collection, you were inspired by the Egyptian sands, hence the delicate gold strings sprinkled with diamonds. On your travels to Montréal, have you had another inspiration, which we may see in an upcoming collection?

Let me tell you, I’m sure that all my travels inspire me. And, right now there is all of this information in my head, like a basket. A good collection is mixing different experiences, countries, people – you know, it’s a combination. I’m certain another collection will present itself in the future.


You took after your father and became a second generation gold-smithing artisan. Out of your three children, have any of them had any inklings towards loving jewelry creation as much as you do?

My youngest child, my son Julius, has actually shown a bit of interest. And, I actually took a shot of him in the same position on a chair in the shop, that I was in when I was his exact age. BUT, he has to feel it from his insides. I believe that if any man or any woman are doing something they like in life, THAT is a dream. And, I also believe that to have something great and timeless, you have to go through this kind of emotion.


Mes chers readers, after perusing Marco’s current collections, I am crushing hard. Oui, the Italian designer is charming incarnate, BUT his bijoux speak for themselves. Plus, the brand is ethical by utilizing KPC approved jewels – Kimberley Process Certification – joint globalization initiative to stop the flow of ‘conflict diamonds’. And, Marco delightfully stressed the ‘imperfect perfect’ in all of his designs. He does not alter the jewel, he literally creates a piece around what mother nature made as he personally finds that ‘real-ness’ beautiful. STUNNING!

His jewelry has been seen EVERYWHERE: Elle, Bazaar, W and even in O – The Oprah Magazine on the first femme of tv herself!


For quality classic pieces, starting from $500, you too can don a piece of beautiful art.

Worried about breaking the bank? Bernard the Birks elf and I have a secret for vous…

Mlle Fab Birks

Maison Birks has an easy-peasey lay-away program, which enables one to take home and enjoy the pretty piece right away. We know! Before you can say, “oui, svp”, you’ll be twinkling like the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Until Santa comes to town, I’ll be dreaming of these sparklers ; ).


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