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Gifts for HIM

November 13, 2014

Each Thursday morning at 8:10am until December 4th, you can watch me live as I share Fresh & Unique Holiday Gifts with my friends & viewers on Breakfast Television Calgary.

This morning we talked about 5 great gifts for HIM.

Here’s a re-cap with links and locations if you’re looking to purchase any of these FAB gifts.

1. Jack Black Grooming Products


Men need to take care of their skin too, and Jack Black’s grooming products are made exclusively to pamper them.

He’ll start the morning with the Turbo Wash energizing cleanser for hair and body. The rosemary, eucalyptus and juniper berry scent will awaken and revitalize his senses.

For the guy who shaves everyday, Beard Lube will help glide the razor over his face, leaving it nick and bump free.

And lastly, he can take 10 years off his face with their Face Buff Energizing Scrub.

I have been using the Jack Black shave products & skin care religiously for 3 years… And have gifted it to every man I know.

Even my brother is a huge fan. He’s a busy dad, and a guys guy who is obsessed with the entire line, including the ‘not too shiny’ Lip Balm.

(This product is available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom in Canada, Denim and Smith Barbershops, Select Curious Hair Salons and O’Connors Menswear. Beard lube 177ml: $20. Face Buff 88ml: $21. Turbo Wash 976ml: $59, Lip Balm $8.50)

2. Sock Panda: Sock of the Month Club


Guys have to express themselves through the limited option of accessories which are available to us.

Ties, Cuff links, pocket squares and SOCKS; Those are our hidden secret.

For $14 per month (shipping included in that price) Sock Panda will send your man a surprise pair of quality, colourful, interesting and comfortable socks to help keep him fresh and fashionable.

For larger families, Sock Panda also offers subscriptions for ladies & children.

In Canada email: and they will help set up your subscription.
Give them promo code ‘MrFab’ for 10% off.

(This product can be purchased online at and can be shipped internationally)

3. Cologne Sampler


Have you ever been shopping with a guy for fragrances?… I have… And it’s a long and unsuccessful project!

The 10 kit sampler allows your man (and you) to test run the smells before you commit. Once he settles on a fragrance, he can redeem the included certificate for a full size bottle!

2 years ago I bought my brother a set similar to this (which he used for a year) before he picked his favorite scent.

(This product is available at Shopper’s Drugmart in Canada $75)

4. Bose SoundLink Mini


Quality sound that travels. The SoundLink Mini by Bose is loaded with an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery that will have you rocking out to your favourite jams for up to 7 hours.

It’s the perfect accessory for camping, fishing, backyard BBQs and pool parties. Or take it with you on your next vacation, the device is compact and light to travel with.

Enjoy your own music easily as the SoundLink Mini is controlled by your mobile device via Bluetooth.

The quality and sound is outstanding; every time I have guests over they’re clamouring to know more about it.

(This item can be purchased at Nordstrom Canada for $219, as well as Bose stores worldwide.)

5. SAXX Underwear


The holy grail of underwear. If you’re not a man, it’s hard to understand what goes on down there throughout the day.

From dress pants to yoga gear, SAXX keeps everything where it needs to be and at the right temperature. Their interior technology has ‘side bumpers’ that keeps the goods well placed, while their line of soft cotton keeps things very comfortable.

My favorite pair of SAXX are the ‘Quest’. A meshy breathable fabric that allows airflow and keeps a tailored look under dress pants.

For guys who like a softer boxer brief, the ‘Vibe’ are max-comfort all whist keeping control.

(this product can be purchase at Supreme Menswear in Calgary & Prices vary from $30-35)

Join me next week as I bring you gift ideas for HER.

I’ve got some pretty amazing stuff to share for the ladies!

Mr. Fab Five for Men

Looking forward to reading your comments!