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Ecksand’s Sparkling Toronto Debut

November 12, 2014

After preparing for this interview, I became really nervous. I was lined up to interview the Chief Creative Officer for Ecksand, Erica Bianchini.

Erica Bianchini is tenacious, exquisitely well-spoken and entrepreneurial. A Canadian gem, if you will.


Ecksand is a name perhaps you are not familiar with now, but debuting in Toronto during the Toronto International Film Festival and recently launching their new eCommerce website, Ecksand will be the location for custom jewelry creation.

I’m so positive about this because paired with the company’s customer-service centered ethos are their beautiful products.


All responsibly and naturally sourced, all gems are handpicked from Canadian and Australian mines. Their craftsmanship is also second to none.

Laser welding is used instead of soldering and no glue or chemical adhesives are ever used. This makes the largest difference to their pearl creations – typically pearl jewelry is glued – which causes issues when the glue dries, cracks and you end up loosing one of Granny’s pearls.


Now my favourite jewelry trend is ‘stackables’. Rings that can fit together on one finger, each complementing the next. What I love about these is you can buy them to commemorate special life-events and treat that ring finger like a new form of charm bracelet.


One additional service that exceeded my expectation was their customized bridal options – consultants are available who will guide you through the buying experience, helping you create the ultimate wedding band. Like these ones…


Exciting news for those of you in Toronto – Ecksand is having a pop-up November 13th and 14th at Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel. This is an exclusive, appointment only pop-up – to to save yourself a place, email the lovely Emilia at Emilia@ecksand.ca

Prepare to be dazzled.

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