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Air Optix Colors – Live In Colour

November 11, 2014

Montreal is stylish. When one goes out, they are put together. Hair. Nails. Shoes. Everything is spot on. So, there was zero surprise when Air Optix Colors held a soirée for the movers & shakers of la belle ville. Offering people a chance to put a new finishing touch on their polished looks with 9 new naturally pretty hues of contact lenses!


What’s special about these contacts? The colour enhancement is subtle and gradual. It will look like you are born with it. Rest assured, you will not be angry Eric from True Blood. Bat those new baby blues with confidence, mes amis!


The event itself was Chic, Charming & Cool. Housed in The Crystal Hotel, the ambience oozed urban class. Fresh flowers. Colourful macarons. Live DJ. Beautiful make-up artists.


Très cool idea. Come in. Grab a glass of bubbly. Try on any gorgeous shade of Air Optix Colors lenses. Followed by professional macquillage. Then a picture. Pretty pampering party, indeed!

Due to the launch of these beautiful new colours, the product is being kept under lock and key. If you get the chance to own a pair, GRAB IT.


Mes chers readers, Air Optix Colors contact lenses simply amplifies one’s natural beauty. So, as this stunning new product suggests, why not Live In Colour!



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