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Pappy & Harriet’s

November 7, 2014

You’ve gotta eat here!

No, REALLY, you’ve got to eat here!

Pappy & Harriet’s


I’ve been vacationing in Palm Springs, California for years… And over that time I’ve discovered tons of quaint little restaurants and diners.

Some I took a chance on, and some I’ve been referred to.

And just when I thought my food calendar couldn’t get any more hectic somebody suggested Pappy & Harriet’s.


Located in what seems to be the middle of nowhere at the end of a long and wind-ey drive through a mountainous terrain is quite possibly the best BBQ ribs I’ve ever eaten.


Pappy & Harriet’s is located in a picturesque town named simply Pioneertown.

Originally built as a 1870’s frontier town film stage in 1946, the former set’s “cantina” was converted into a restaurant. And although it has changed hands several times, it has proven itself worth the travel.


I arrived on a Sunday afternoon to a packed restaurant.

Enticed by the smell of the mesquite barbecue outback cooking up the daily fare, we had no problem waiting the 45 minutes to be seated.


First things first when we were seated.

Time to refresh on a gallon of iced tea.


We scanned the menu, placed our order and chose our sides.

Ribs, burgers and pulled pork sandwiches were the easy choice as our mains, but it was our sides that left us torn.

We scanned the room at other diner’s plates and went with the consensus.

Cheese Fries


Okay… Imagine 20 crispy delicious mini potato skins loaded with real bacon bits, ranch dressing and smothered with cheddar stacked on your plate… Those are Pappy & Harriet’s ‘cheese’ fries!


And then there was the Mac & Cheese.


Call your mama, call your pappy and invite them down… It’s time for them to see the victor of the worlds best Mac & Cheese.

So tender and cheesy, a tear rolled down my cheek.

The meal was insane and the vibe was unforgettable!


Pappy & Harriet’s is a place that should be on every best food list ever written.

I’ll be thinking about it everyday for the rest of my life!

Mr. Fab & Harriet’s

Looking forward to reading your comments!