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Style Alert – The Pocket Square

November 5, 2014

The start of November brings an influx of awkward looking men, growing out their upper lip stubble for a good cause: Movember is upon us, ladies and gents.

What was once a dapper fashion trend has now become a fashionably ironic way to raise money and prove to everyone you can grow a thick ‘stache. No Justin Bieber-ing about it.

Now, what naturally pairs with a sophisticated upper lip beard?

A pocket square!

This is a year-round style all men should openly embrace. It will bring the eye away from the lip and towards true sophisticated style.

My two picks for the pocket are:

1. Baffi Collection


This all-Canadian brand is innovative and supremely stylish.
No more spending time making sure the pocket square is folded properly, no more ironing and starching your squares so they achieve the perfect peak.

Baffi Collection pocket squares embrace North American heritage while expressing a sense of fashion savvy. How do they do it, you ask?

They’re wooden pocket squares, folks. Wooden! How clever and totally unique.

True Canadian-made style, hand-crafted in Canada using Canadian materials.
These beauties rest inside your pocket and are secured with a hidden magnet.

I love the engraved collection because they are extremely eye-catching.


The perfect gift and accompaniment to that ‘stache you’re currently thickening. PLUS this happy coincidence – ‘Baffi’ means mustache in Italian.

2. Gary Taxali x Harry Rosen ‘Art of Flirtation’ Pocket Squares


These limited edition, Italian-silk pocket squares are not only completely luxe, they each tell a visual story through Taxali’s unmistakable artistic flair.

Four different squares being offered, each one with a different message about the ‘Art of Flirtation’, something Taxali calls “the mark of a true gentleman”.


The Fab fam has been a long-time fan of Taxali’s work and we were invited to the release party of these amazing fashion pieces, here in Toronto.

They are so gorgeous, you just might want to frame them.

As those ‘staches bloom, we hope your wardrobe does, too.

And finally, even though I don’t want to be called out for riding the ‘Too Soon Train’ – I’ll risk it and say ‘Christmas is just around the corner and what a perfect stocking stuffer’!

M Fab Don’t-Blow-Your-Nose-In-These-Pocket-Squares


Looking forward to reading your comments!