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StrungOut. Mtl – Trick or Treat Yourself Giveaway

October 29, 2014

Anything can happen in an instant, mes beaux amis. Two weeks ago, I received a comment on a #TBT Instagram photo from an old photoshoot. An up-and-coming jewelry and accessory designer gave style props, so of course I had to check out her profile. And, a week later, I met the beautiful artisan Katina of @StrungOut.Mtl


Katina is HOT off the presses. Though she began making jewelry and accessories as a child, she finally took the leap and started a business only 4 WEEKS AGO. And, ONLY​​​​​​​​​​​​ on Instagram.


Why’d she start making jewelry and accessories?

As a young tween, she wasn’t able to fit the same clothes as her friends, but the accessories always worked. So, she started making her own pieces in order to accentuate whatever style she was going for that day. Patricia Field meets Elsa Peretti, indeed!


Katina’s line is primarily bracelets made with crystals, pearls and metal accents. Plus, she makes custom pieces as well. After perusing my style on Instagram, she made me this beautiful vintage flavoured set.



Price points are all under $45. Pearl bracelet is $35 or 2/$45. Crystal bracelet is $20 or 2/$30.


After visiting her sister in NYC, she wanted something cool to wear out, so she restructured a couple of old belts into a head piece. After entering the party, a couple of lovely men fawned over it before snatching the fabulous construction off of her head. And, voila! After their approval, Katina had to create headwear as well. This chainmail piece starts at $15.

From $15-$45, these artisan pieces are a STEAL. And, because Halloween is around the corner, Katina is graciously giving our readers a chance to win a TREAT!

A beautiful custom made set of two crystal bracelets.

Strung 6

As always, there are two ways to win:

#1 Follow the Fab Family on Instagram:

@immrfabulous @immllefab @immfab

Each new follower to any account will be considered as 1 entry!

#2 Instagram the above pic and tag it with

“Nothing but treats from @immllefab and @StrungOut.Mtl, this hallowe’en! #strungoutmtl #immrfabulous #trickortreatyourself”

With StrungOut Mtl’s reasonable prices, you can trick yourself up with pretty bijoux before little Timmy rings the bell for another mini kitkat. Remember, sweets are delicious, but sparkly treats last longer on your wrist ; ).


Mlle Fab or Treat

Looking forward to reading your comments!