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Perfectly Perez

October 20, 2014

Last month as I party hopped during NYC fashion week, I found myself sipping cocktails at a rather peculiar party in honour of Barbie’s fashion!

BarbieStyle Fashion Event NYC

And as I sashayed around the room and turned a corner, there he was!

No, it wasn’t Barbie’s lover Ken, it was celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Now, meeting a celebrity or notable person can be a volatile situation; like sneaking up on a caged animal, you can never guess the reaction you’ll receive. So I decided to proceed with caution.

Perez is known for his written lashings on celebrities, I wondered how he might retaliate towards a pestering blogger.

He was surrounded by security, and he was in the midst of being interviewed on camera so I began to nonchalantly peruse a collection of Barbie dresses as I wiggled my way closer & closer.

Suddenly, Perez concluded the interview, and before I knew it he was being escorted through the back exit of the tent.

For most, the dream of a selfie would have ended right there, but not for me.

Like a puma on a barren terrain, I began to sprint. Pink plastic kitten heels landed in my wake: I was on the hunt.


As I exited the tent I spotted him, pulled a quick U-turn and began walking towards him as if I were out for a leisurely mid-afternoon stroll.

“Oh, Perez Hilton!” I exclaimed… “Hi, How are you?”

He stopped and humoured me just as if we were old high-school friends being reunited and replied:

“I’m great! How are you?”

For a moment we exchanged a few blah blah blahs and when the moment was right I asked for my selfie; To which he kindly obliged!


A snap later and the photo memory was mine!

The hungry gossip lion didn’t attack and he was nothing but kind.
It was an absolute pleasure and surprise to have met him!

Mr. Fab Hilton

Looking forward to reading your comments!