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Unrelated – World Première

October 6, 2014

As some of you may know, I’m a performer. SO, I don’t like writing reviews as I prefer to support art rather than deconstruct it. That said, when I was invited to experience the world première dance piece “Unrelated” by up-and-coming Montréal based choreographer, Daina Ashbee, I was curious and jetéd at the chance to see her new work.


Daina was moved to create “Unrelated” because of the astounding number of aboriginal women in Canada who ‘disappear’ every year. This piece is intended to explore the vulnerability these women experience as well as the cruelty and distress they are confronted with in our country.


Upon walking into the theatre, the initial image is striking. One lone nude woman lying on her back. Eyes closed. Hair beautifully swept to one side. Then it begins.

Click HERE for UNRELATED teaser clip (May not be suitable for workplace viewing)

Violent movement invoking images of rape, self abuse and self destruction paired with the vulnerable open heart of a child.


Both dancers in this piece possess stunning technique, but Areli Moran is a beast. She moves from her soul and it is a gift to witness.


Having the vulnerability of the two nude dancers standing directly in front of me while meeting my gaze with the house lights up, made me feel accountable and exposed. Will it make you uncomfortable to watch?

Yes. That is the point.


Daina’s piece creates polarity in the audience. Some will adore it, while others may detest it. Strong emotions are a great thing especially when it comes to art otherwise, what’s the point?

Bottom line, Daina created a conversation with “Unrelated” and that in itself is definitely a success. Plus, it’s a great way to spend an evening out ; )


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