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Pure & Extravaganza Wine Night

September 30, 2014

Last week I was welcomed into a secret society here in Toronto. It involves wine, exotic food and a secret cave.

To prepare, I practiced all the secret handshakes I could remember whilst doing some deep lunges; who knew what to expect when an invite arrives posing you the question – “Are you Pure or more Extravaganza?”

I dressed in all-black in case the night involved secretive activities like; sneaking, whispering and dark alley lingering. Making sure to re-read the invite to check if I missed any special passwords for entry, I was ready.

Held at Toronto’s Ritz Carlton, I had a slight suspicion I had over planned as there is nothing secretive about this stunning venue. Welcomed graciously by the iYellow Wine Club dynamos, I quickly realized that this society and I would get along spectacularly.

With a cheese cave at our disposal, unlimited wine, and pure dark chocolate for accompaniment… I felt at home.


Now – the iYellow Wine Club were the event hosts. This unique community engages you to learn, taste and meet others in the Toronto wine community through tastings, classes and events… Like this one!

That night we tasted Argentina’s own Trapiche Winery’s Pure Malbec and Extravaganza Red Blend. The winery’s own wine makers were in attendance as well, all the way from Mendoza, Argentina.


Our first tasting was of Pure – an Argentinian Malbec. Not being a major red wine fan, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 100% ‘pure’ Malbec. But I LOVED it. It is subtly spicy but smooth and not at all oaky. This wine was paired with all ‘pure’ foods – a delicious sharp cheese, smooth dark chocolate and steak.


I started to hear rumblings about ‘the wine cave’. Those in the know were very excited. This made me more excited as I love being in the know… And caves… With wine.

A short walk later we were escorted through a back alley and came across a red-curtained entry way to the secret cave, right here in Toronto.


The wine cave is iYellow’s main event space – cozy and intimate, we were in for something special.

Greeted by masked servers, I couldn’t wait for the ‘Extravaganza’ part to our evening.


Extravaganza wine is a red blend of Malbec, Bonarda and Syrah. This was much less spicy and had a more refreshing after taste.


Instead of simple, pure foods to accompany – we were taken on a wild culinary ride.

To start were deep fried frogs legs with a kimchi aioli, followed by duck tongue tacos and dessert was chocolate covered cricket doughnuts.

All things that I would never try… Never try before I had three glasses of delicious red wine, then suddenly they seemed like a great idea.


Or were they?


The evening was great fun – filled with the right mix of education and fun. And that is what iYellow is all about – their classes and events are meant to enrich your wine knowledge in a non-intimidating environment.

Full on wine and crickets, I left looking forward to the next event, where I hope to put my knowledge of secret handshakes to use.

M Fab Cricket Lover

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