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The Perfect Fit: ShoeMe

September 29, 2014

As a tot, when my parents took moi to a house party and could not find me, they always knew to check by the footwear at the front door.

It was my own personal tickle-trunk and I was always up for a game of dress-up.


Now, as an adult, nothing much has changed except that most of my girlfriends adorn ‘outfits’ and refrain from removing their precious heels. Who will ever forget the Sex in the City shoe stealing debacle of 2006.

But now, thanks to Canadian site ShoeMe, I can continue my footwear playtime.


When the cyber fairy shoe-mother, aka ShoeMe, sent me an email to try out the online site, I was thrilled… But dubious. As any lady knows, a foot size can change depending on the brand, the style, the time of day and, of course, après an evening of licking a salt block. I do love my poutine.

However, rest assured, ShoeMe wants no-one to re-enact the ugly step sister with the glass slipper. The canuck company proved how magical they are by offering a no hassle exchange policy on sizing. Bravo!


With a whopping 348 (and GROWING) brands to choose from, I was in happy heeled heaven. From Harley-Davidson to Kenneth Cole; Converse to Seychelles; Lacoste to Fly London; Nine West to Oakley, ShoeMe has the entire family covered.

Oui, Women, Men & Children can all be dressed to kill!


And the bonus: you get a $50 gift card to use on your next purchase!

100% Canadian, indeed. Sign me up in a size 7.5, svp!


All in all, my experience with ShoeMe was easy peasy and I ordered me some more heelies.

I have a feeling that my experience with these Sam Edelman’s from this charming Canadian site are just the beginning.

So feel like Cinderella and check out ShoeMe. She certainly is your fairy shoe-mother 😉


Mlle Fab eel lover

Looking forward to reading your comments!