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NESTEA Cocktail Party

September 23, 2014

We love us a good cocktail, and after recently being invited to NESTEA’s food and tea pairing party in Toronto we wanted to share with you some of the fabulous tea-infused cocktail recipes we were able to try.


Iced-Tea can sometimes be too sweet or not sweet enough. NESTEA has the right mixdown with their NESTEA Lemon, Lemon Zero and Green Tea.

You can find these flavours in stores across Canada, so whipping up the below cocktail concoctions will be super easy and leave your friends in awe of your cocktail mastery. Heck, they might even start to call you Brian Flanagan then start singing ‘Kokomo’ when you enter the room… Or maybe that’s just my fantasy…


The first cocktail is making a cultural come-back. Once known for its Southern charm, it would be sipped through the lips of the finest debutants next to magnolia trees on sprawling verandas.

The MintTEA Julep!

Nestea_Mint_Julip_cocktail Nestea_MintTea_Julep_Coktail_recipe

The RoseTEAni Cocktail – served in the most incredibly precious tea cup and accompanied by a divine rose water flavoured macaron from Nadege here in Toronto is served cold and will knock your petticoat off.

Neastea_TeaCup_Cocktail NESTEA_Roseteani_Cocktail_Recipe

And this little darling was hands-down my favourite.

Like dessert in a glass and served with a square of Lindt dark chocolate orange on top. The chocolate is not shown in the picture, as I hurriedly gobbled that down. This is the amazingly delicious Cocoa-Citrus tea.

Nestea_CocoaCitrus_tea_cocktail Nestea_coco_citrus_Cocktail_recipe

And finally the LycheTEAni Cocktail. This one makes you feel like you are eating a fruit salad with that juicy garnish, so it’s basically a health food.

Nestea_Lycheteani_Cocktail Neatea_Lycheteani_Cocktail_recipe

Held at the uber trendy Lisa Marie’s restaurant in Toronto, the chefs and bartenders outdid themselves. I’m sure with a bit more practice and a dash more ‘flare’, I could be behind those rails with Elvis one day soon.


Until then, I hope you get to shake it up with some of these fantastic recipes!

M FAB rian Flanagan-Cruise

Looking forward to reading your comments!