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Sip, Snack & Shop. Nordstrom’s Canadian Gala

September 18, 2014

Nordstrom has officially arrived in Canada and last their sold out gala permanently set the bar for all future Galas.

A few days ago I was able to share a sneak peek of the interior, click here to see, and today I’m sharing the food and festivities as seen by the 1800 guests in attendance at last night’s Gala that raised $180,000 for Alberta Children’s Hospital.


Imagine you’re reliving the 80’s. Your favourite movies are Mannequin, and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Mix them together, warp them forward 30 years, and you’ve got endless desserts and designers.


From Vegan Brownies to Chocolate this and Carmel that, the treats were sweet.


Pairing with Hotel Arts creative chefs endless options were presented.

Savoury macaroons like Caprese Lemon Ricotta & Fresh Basil and  Foie Grad, Apricot Jelly & Pistachio were laid out for the discerning crowd to devour.


But say you were off refined sugar and working on your low-carb body?

Then the Lamb Chops and pork buns might have been more palette pleasing…


This indeed was the night of all nights.

It was fashion distraction paired with food attraction!

It was Prada’s & Pops!


These colourful chocolate truffle pops were as mouth watering as the shoe department they were found in!

It was time to wash the first floor down and head to the next… So I grabbed a cucumber soda and headed upstairs for more.


There, I found the most adorable plate of sushi  I have ever seen.


The perfect selection of pieces with a dropper full of soya sauce was exactly what this food-aholic needed.

Then it was off to the children’s department…. For cocktails!


A fully stocked bar housing all the right fixings including and endless selection of wines.

After a few sips of scotch it was time to dance.


Now I’ve been to weddings that have live bands. Most are worthy of an eye roll and a sigh.

But Toronto recording artist, Sean Jones, literally whipped the crowd into such a frenzy that the party’s 9:30pm end-time was tossed right out the window.

After developing the perfect glow, it was time to head out, but not before grabbing some Beef Carpaccio and a Mushroom Soup for the road.


It was so delicious that I literally had to be dragged away from the table by a friend.


As I headed for the door I knew this was a party I’d never forget.

But Nordstrom, the world’s most gracious host, wasn’t done with us yet.

All party goers were sent home with fresh flowers.


Checkmate, Nordstrom wins!

This was the most perfectly executed party I have ever attended.

No details were over looked and guests left with bags filled Cavallis and Crostinis.

Nordstrom, you have made a splash in Canada with your first store and have given Calgarians a night we will never forget!

We love YOUR style!

Mr. Fab gala

Looking forward to reading your comments!