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J.Crew Women’s S/S 2015

September 10, 2014

When I think ‘All American’ in fashion, I think of J.Crew.

Well tailored garments, classic fits, and safe.

But this year during NYFW J.Crew showed us that they are willing to take risks and continue to move the brand forward.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (7)

Oversized jackets, reminiscent of the cuts from the house of Stella McCartney…


To a creative mix of dense metallic and light sheer fabrics.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (6)

J.Crew is far from ‘playing it safe’!

Last year I literally fell head over heels in love with the footwear design collaboration with Sophia Webster, and this year they’ve done it again with creatively colourful heels in a mix of patterns and styles.


The perfect accompaniment to pop your basics or accessorize your wow!


This season NYFW has been showing a lot of pastels so it was refreshing and energizing to see such pops of colour.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (5)

But for the muted fashionista, J.Crew S/S 2015 also offers a host of whites and neutrals to help you continue your trend.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (10)

So what’s the inspiration for the Women’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection?

“It was inspired by the artistic beauty of the indigenous cultures in Latin America. I was drawn to their distinctive approach to stripes, ikats, intricate textiles, and interesting colour combinations – specifically from artisans in Mexico and Peru. The energy of the collection came from a recent trip to Ibiza; and the calm of the relaxing tropical getaway. There’s a real feeling of ease, a sexiness, a casualness and comfort to the clothes this season. I wanted to focus on dressing people to enjoy today and live their lives in them, and not just on a precious occasion.”Tom Mora, Head of J.Crew Women’s Design

For me, having the chance once again to preview the season’s collection was a moment I’ll never forget.


On behalf of myself and my very fashion savvy female readers: Thanks for having us!

We can’t wait to see the collection in stores next year!

Mr. Fab Women’s Crew

Looking forward to reading your comments!