Details Magazine TxT Summit

September 5, 2014


A late night, and with only 3 hours of sleep it was time to gussy up and overly cologne myself for a pretty amazing event.

Details Magazine Tech & Tastemakers Summit.


The famed men’s magazine was hosting a half day panel discussion on what was new and hot in the world of tech fashion.

So after a quick train ride and a scuffle down the street, I arrived out front of a perfectly sleek building, the location of the summit.

Details Magazine TxT Summit 2014 NYC (3)

First up it was coffee…. And not the hot stuff. With the temperatures in the 30’s and a humidex of 1 million, I was tempted to grab a jug of iced Grady’s coffee and re-enact a scene from Flash Dance.


Instead I opted for a large ice ladened glass and began circulating the room.

Tailored suits and fresh blow outs, this crowd was pretty and primped.

Details Magazine TxT Summit 2014 NYC (2)

Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted him.

Sketch artist Richard Haines. And I was begging to be his model.

I flailed my arms and struck a pose, minutes later I was 50 shades of charcoal and ready to be published.


But I wasn’t here for just caffeine and caricatures; it was time to learn.

Details Tech Summit NYFW

The topics and speakers varied from ‘Future Fashion’ with G-Star RAW brand director Shubhankar Ray, to one on ‘Retail Currency’ with Mimi Valdes, Creative Director for i am OTHER (Pharrell Williams)

But one of the hottest topics of the day was that of Fashion-Tech.

It was all about ‘wearables‘ and what’s to come.

Now with out boring myself and my non-techy readers, I’ll summarize what I learnt.

The new future for tech is on the wrist. Watches, bracelets and other forms of fashion accessories will be all the rage to come as many large technology companies, such as Intel, collaborate with the designers to make function fashionable.

Now my mind was full and my tummy was empty so it was on to the afterparty.

Tacos and Coronas… It was an all out fashion fiesta.


Indeed this was a day full of tech and taste.
I learned a lot, I ate a lot: great day.

Thanks for the ingenious summit Details!

Mr. Fab wearables

Looking forward to reading your comments!