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Throwback Thursday

August 28, 2014

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday where we relieve our past, discuss all our endless childhood wishes, and flaunt our most cherished items!

Mr. Fab
My Little Pony


When I was 7 I asked Santa for a My Little Pony. Ohhh how I dreamt of brushing its long flow-y neon coloured hair with its included plastic brush. But sadly that moment would never come. Instead, nestled under the tree was a MLP piggy bank with hard molded plastic hair.

Mlle Fab
Pony-tail Clip Extensions


Nothing like having a nice long luxurious ponytail for the night out. Then explaining the sudden baldness/odd ferret in the bedroom. Next!

Mlle Fab
Water Push-Up Bra


I love me my sleep, but I do not love the sheet indentations on my face après some shut eye. I call it ‘sharpei face’. Water push-up bra causes sharpei boobs. I rest my case.

Mr. Fab
Micro Machines


I was never really into ‘boy’ things growing up, but somehow things changed when Micro Machines hit the market. I had it all: the parking garage, the ones with working headlights and even the micro mini carwash!

Mlle Fab
Banana Clips


So cool in theory. So heiny in practice. A flaccid mohawk never did anyone any good. Instead, save it for Halloween to play Geordi La Forge. May the force be with you!

So what did you own and what did you long for!?

We’d love to hear!

Mr & Mlle Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!