Anju Will Like It!

August 13, 2014


Today, a new/old friend will be joining the delicious ranks of the restaurant scene in Calgary.

The re-opening of ANJU… in a new space and location!


Anju formerly graced Calgary in an unassuming house hidden in downtown’s west end, but last night I was invited to check out their reincarnation on the corner of 17th Ave and 4th street SW.

The restaurant be will be the first of its kind serving creative up-scale Korean small plates for its food savy clientele.


Now personally I had never dined on such fare before, but last night I was invited to try their old and new items they’ll be serving up.

And although a picture speaks a thousand words, I’m still going to add in my two cents.

Crispy Tofu


I think tofu is flavourless… But when it’s served on a bed of pork belly, sautéed kimchi, and drizzled with citrus aioli, it allows its accompaniments to shine.

Sunworks Chicken Wings


Imagine the best franks hot wings you’ve ever eaten… Now forget them!
These crispy Korean wings have been smothered in Cochujang and are 100x more delicious.

Wagyu Skirt Steak


My BFF is the snobbiest steak ‘connoisseur’ on the planet, but I am certain that this tender cut seasoned with Montréal’s steak spice, sesame oil, and topped with green onion salad would have him creating his own first place ribbon for Anju!

Baked West Coast Oysters


Right, you ‘hate‘ oysters.
Well I would put money on the fact that you would love these!
If you think of an oyster as a raw fillet of chicken, then the baked oyster at Anju is most comparable to a delicious serving of chicken parmesan.

Dolsot Bibimbap


Exactly… What!?
Mountain View chicken thigh, assorted vegetables, soft poached egg, with a side of spicy Cochujang, it’s a kick ass Korean version of a chicken fried rice.
Order this dish with the Braised Sablefish and ladle on its Cochugaru Carmel Glaze to give it an extra ka-pow!

If there is one thing that I can say to collectively describe my dining experience it would be ‘Flavour’!

Original tastes, unique preparations and perfectly flavorful; Anju is a must.

Can’t wait to visit again!

Mr. Fab ju

Looking forward to reading your comments!