Newest Flavours from Nestea

August 12, 2014

I love mail…

Junk mail, flyers, coupons and even my neighbour’s mail that makes it in to my box by mistake: I can’t seem to get enough.

And when it’s something really legit… Mind Blowing!

So last week when I received a rather heavy box, it was like Christmas in August!

I tore into it like a dog would take to a trash bag and quickly reviewed the treasures inside.

A six pack of Nestea’s newest refreshing flavours in JUMBO sized cans!


And their timing couldn’t have been more perfect: the hottest days of the Summer.

So what did I think of the newest fare from Nestea?

Half & Half Tea Lemonade


The perfect combo to satisfy my mom who prefers things a little more tart. I wouldn’t quite call it ‘half & half’ but more 70/30 with the Lemonade coming out on top.

Mango Green Tea


The seemingly simple flavours are shared in a complex layer. First the iced tea hits your palate, followed by the green tea and what you’re left with is a deliciously ripe and juicy mango finisher.

Honey Ginseng Green Tea


Before I took my first sip, I imagined that it would taste like a cough drop, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s still the delicious iced tea we all love but with just a tasty hint of honey; it’s not syrupy, but it is a bit sweeter. I even made a popsicle out of it later on!

The newest collection is perfect way to please a multitude of palates and thanks to the new big 695ml can, you’ll just keep drinking!

Thanks for the tasty mail Nestea!

Mr. Fab tea


Looking forward to reading your comments!