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Popcorn Indiana Giveaway

July 15, 2014

I love going to the movies, but let’s be honest…. I’m there for the popcorn.

Sure I like an entertaining flick, but even when it’s bad, the warm & buttery popcorn more than makes up for its shortcomings.

Seriously, popcorn has been my snack food of choice since I’ve been a kid, and as far as I’m concerned it can turn a bad day into a good one.

Popcorn Indiana MrFab immrfabulous (5)

Getting fired? Munch on some popcorn.
Just got dumped? Double up the butter
A good popcorn can not only satisfy your cravings, it can solve all your problems.

For years I had been stocking up on my favourite brand of pre-popped corn from Popcorn Indiana.
Their ‘Movie Theatre’ popcorn, although uniquely different, is equally as savoury and delicious as that served at the cinemas.

And now they’ve started to dabble in the sweet realm, introducing a Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn.


And it’s as addicting as you would think!

Last week M. Fab flew in from Toronto to visit so we could talk shop and snack on the newest popcorn from Popcorn Indiana.

Here’s what we thought.

Mr. Fab

There is something very indescribable about the texture; It’s a little bit crunchy and a little bit cakey and because the savoury popcorn is not overy drizzled with the PB & Chocolate it’s not sweetly overwhelming.

This is the perfect dessert popcorn to follow up a bag of theatre popcorn with!

Popcorn Indiana MrFab immrfabulous (4)

M. Fab

I imagined the taste would have me dreaming that I was frolicking in a Spring meadow whilst swimming in a stream of creamy peanut butter, all the while being fed chocolate fondued popcorn.

Sweet, salty, and crunchy all in perfect unison.

So I reached in and pulled out a cluster.

The taste is sweet with a hint salty. It’s crunchy but it’s also chewy.
And although I was hoping for a overload of chocolate and peanut butter, the drizzles are light and airy.

I was hoping for unicorns to appear and the sound of harps to be heard when I took my first bite… But with no peanut butter streams to swim in, I was left wanting more.

But don’t get me wrong, I ate my share of the bag!

Popcorn Indiana MrFab immrfabulous (1)

But that’s our opinion and now we want yours!!

We’ve contacted our friends at Popcorn Indiana, and because they love our readers as much as we do, they are going to send one of you 12 bags (!!!) so you can host your own tasting or movie night slumber party!!

This giveaway is only available to our Canadian readers and as always you’ll have two ways to enter.

#1 Tweet the Following:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn from @popcornindiana! I want it @immrfabulous!


#2 Leave a comment:

Tell us what you’d love to see popcorn topped with!?

Entries will close Sunday July 20th and a winner will be selected randomly!

Good luck, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Mr. Fab corn

  1. Yum! Holy double yum this is like my own personal crack. Ask any of my friends and family and I DUMP the hot wing kernels shaker onto my popcorn to the point where no one can even come near my bowl of popcorn without having a coughing fit. It’s toxic and delicious.

  2. Throw in a box of smarties to get warm and yummy or just sprinkle with a lil brown sugar. It’s that sweet and salty thang 😉

  3. If I’m at the movies I empty a box of junior caramels onto my popcorn. Delish!
    At home…..I do the same! LOL

Looking forward to reading your comments!