Calgary Stampede

FABs Stampede Top 11

July 11, 2014

This Sunday will mark the close of the 2014 Calgary Stampede and although a lot can (and will) be done in the 3 remaining days, I thought I’d share my top 11 memorable moments thus far.

Bikini Espy

Bikini Espy

This annual event saw 1oo women in bikinis waiting to be dressed head to toe in a new look from ESPY in Inglewood, and I was only too happy to co-host the event!

The Amber Approved Breakfast

Amber Approved Stampede

It was all about eating heathy and feeling great as I emceed the Amber Approved breakfast which was completely Sugar, Dairy and Gluten FREE! A Stampede breakfast everyone could enjoy.

Two Foot Sausage


Teaming up with notable Calgary Herald Food Writer, Gwendolyn Richards to tackle the juiciest sausage on the worlds driest bun, had us hysterically laughing and left us with a bad case of the meat sweats.

Pattison Party

Pattison Stampede

The Pattison Group owns everything from grocery stores to radio stations, and they all came out to play at their annual Stampede party. Carnival Games, a Mini Donut Truck and this stationary bull were the highlights of the event.

Field Law

George Canyon and MrFab

Lawyers know how to party, and the Field Law party was one of my favourite parties. A major BBQ, a teepee filled with salads and a pie table which stretched a mile long. No one went hungry, not even George Canyon who was the evening’s entertainment!

Nordstrom’s Pool Party

Nordstrom and MrFab

Nordstrom loves Calgary and Fab loves Nordstrom! The American retail giant will make its splash into the Canadian market in Calgary this September and to get the party started early, they hosted a pool/stampede party at the eclectic Hotel Arts.

Barn Party

Barn Party

While watching the chuckwagons one night I was approached by a ‘Stampede Angel’ and offered sets of passes to experience the barns. Getting up close and personal with the riders and their horses was amazing… As were the BBQs and parties that happen in the stables each night celebrating the wins.

Home & Design Show Lunch

Home & Design Stampede

Each year a the marketing group behind the event holds a fun filled Stampede lunch. Brazilian BBQ, endless sweets and some pretty fun games to win some amazing prizes. Try to maneuver a cookie from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands… Obviously I was the victor!

New Foods of the Midway Judge

MrFab Calgary Stampede immrfabulous 2014

Each year there is a trophy and bragging rights for the lucky food vendor behind the most creative and tasty new food of the Calgary Stampede. Once again I was invited to be a judge; hands down my favorite part of Stampede.

Stampede Round Up and Oxford Stomp

Stampede Round Up

2 nights of amazing outdoor concerts right in the middle of the city: these are some of Calgary’s most sought after tickets! This year the headliners included The Doobie Brothers, Bryan Adams, Rob Thomas and Our Lady Piece… To name a few!



The best part of Stampede is being able to share all my exciting stories with the city I love, and there is no better place to do that than with SHAW on their annual show Saddle Up. Erin Strate is the host-ess with the most-est and I am so happy she had me back!

Once again the Calgary Stampede excited visitors from around the world and brought the city of Calgary together for one heck of a 10 day celebration.

There was nowhere in the world I would have rather been!


Mr. Fab stampede



Looking forward to reading your comments!