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The 2 Foot Sausage Challenge

July 10, 2014

With hundreds of foods assaulting your senses at the Calgary Stampede, it is impossible to not over indulge.

Recently, via Twitter I noticed The Calgary Herald’s Food Writer, Gwendolyn Richards tweet out that she was taking on food challenges for a story.

And so I suggested;

The 2 Foot Sausage!


My tweet challenge was heard, but she wasn’t going to go it alone. In response she tweeted back, “You and me, Lady & the Tramp style!”

I couldn’t resist!

Bigger than a baby, this 2 foot doozy starts at $18 and depending on the toppings you choose can sky rocket as high as $34.


Deciding on grilled onions and ketchup, (and a little mustard on my side), we were off to the races.


Like two prized ponies, we were seeking victory.

But one bite in, the overwhelmingly dry 2 foot baguette had us choking and hysterically laughing!


Even the buttery grilled onions, sauces and greasy sausage weren’t enough to soften the bun!

Barley edible, we were only able to make a 3″ dent on each side.

We had failed our challenge and were left with the hot sausage breath of defeat.


Regardless, it was a fun day at the Calgary Stampede where we burned more calories laughing than we even ate.

And yes, there is a video!

Thanks for the memories Gwendolyn!

Mr.Fab 2 foot

Looking forward to reading your comments!