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Wild New Midway Food

July 7, 2014

The Calgary Stampede, one of the largest outdoor festivals in the world, officially kicked of its 102nd year this weekend and as hungry attendees flooded the gates, hundreds of food vendors were there to romance them with their newest exclusive concoctions.

But for me, the hungriest of them all, I was invited in the day prior to opening to judge ‘The Best New Food of the 2014 Calgary Stampede’!

MrFab Calgary Stampede immrfabulous 2014

The competition was fierce.

With dozens of new items, and an elaborate scoring system, only 1 would be victorious.

Would it be the Polish Poutine? Golden French Fries smothered in gravy and cheese, and topped with perogies, sausage and sour cream.


Or would the Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough take the trophy?

Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough at Calgary Stampede

20 minutes and uncountable creations later the winner was chosen!

To find out who took the foodie first place at the 2014 Calgary Stampede and discover 6 other items you’d have to see to believe, check out the rest of my story HERE on Tourism Calgary’s website.

It’s an oddly delicious story!

Now back to eating….


Mr. Fab food of the Calgary Stampede


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