The 4th St FAB-cake Awards

July 3, 2014

Tomorrow is the official kick off of the 102nd Calgary Stampede, but that hasn’t stopped the city’s famed pancake breakfasts from starting early.

This morning I woke up early, fell back a sleep, then woke up again to take in 4th Street’s 5th annual Pancake Showdown!

Business owners from a variety of Mission’s notable 4th St shops participated; from book stores to wine bars, even if pancakes weren’t your forte you were invited to compete.

Later this week, one such business will walk away with the fan favourite vote and the coveted trophy. But before that’s announced, I’ve decided to give away awards of my own.

Welcome to the 4th Street FAB-ancake awards.


The award for ‘Most Puffiest Pancake’ goes to:



These hamburger-bun-thick pancakes were the fluffiest, most well-cooked pancakes of the day.


The ‘Throwing in the Towel’ award goes to:

Massage Heights


Merely an hour into the two hour event, Massage Heights had closed up shop. They were KO; down for the count.

The ‘Prettiest Pancake’ award goes to:

Custom Travel Solutions


“Do you like Piña Coladas?” I sure do, these had all the fixins of a tropical affair.


The ‘Wait, They Didn’t Compete?’ award goes to:

The Purple Perk

I eat breakfast at this restaurant at least once a week, and I know they’ve got pancakes. So I was surprised they didn’t compete in the showdown! I am certain if they did, they’d be a top contender.


The ‘Most Unique Pancake’ award goes to:

Vin Room


A savoury coconut pancake with corn and shallots; this one stood out from the rest.


The ‘They Forgot to Flip It’ award goes to:



With the longest line and largest pancakes, Añejo was feeling the heat… And I was feeling a raw pancake. Which was too bad cause their food is always great, and they had a good concept!


The ‘Kit and Caboodle’ award goes to:



This pancake had all the ingredients of a stampede breakfast; pancakes made with bacon and a sour cream glaze, they were delicious and different.


The ‘Rule Breakers’ and ‘The Fab-tastic Winner’ award goes to:

Red’s Diner


With 10 contenders and two hours, it is impossible to try them all. But I was delighted to find Red’s serving beyond 11am. Smothered in carmel and a brown sugar cinnamon glaze, these pancakes were sinfully delicious!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Mr. Fab cake


Looking forward to reading your comments!