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Your Perfect Sunnies

June 25, 2014

I travel a ton, and even though I’m a  gold medalist when it comes to the art of packing, I still occasionally find myself forgetting the most obvious fashion essentials.

But thanks to smartbuyglasses, my most recent vacation crisis was solved all while I sat sipping slushies poolside!

Mr.FAB in Sunglasses

En route to the airport, my retinas began to sizzle and I realized I had forgotten my sunnies… Sounds like an easy fix: just pick up a pair of cheapies in the airport. But when quality and style are important, not to mention I have a jumbo cranium, the ‘throw aways’ are not going to cut it.

So it was smartbuyglasses to the rescue as I sat awaiting to board my flight.

smartbuy logo

And although their online shop has got at least a gazzzilion different styles of  sunglasses, the search was on for my favourite pair of Ray-Bans which I had just left at home.

After a quick name type in the search bar there they were…. But in colours I never knew existed!

Blue, Red, Violet, Brown, Orange Grey and my classic Black… How was I to decide?  Should I stick with what I knew or colour them up?



The plane was fully boarded and they started to call my name;

I needed them in a hurry so I made a choice, clicked ‘Fast Shipping’ and sprinted to the gate.

When I landed later that night, I wondered if I should have just hit the mall the next day and forgone my pool time, after all… Was smartbuyglasses really going to pull through with the 1 day shipping they promised?

The answer?



And not only was the express shipping FREE , they also included goodies that I would normally have had to pay extra for.

The whole process had me delightfully satisfied!

So next time you pull an amateur packing move like me, or have your sunnies ripped off your face and washed away by a big wave, you’ll know your new pair are just a 24 hour click away with smartbuyglasses.

More time for fun in the sun!

Mr. Fab glasses

Looking forward to reading your comments!