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The Joy of Joydrop

June 24, 2014

When I make a purchase, big or small, I like to be woo’d by the details.

Last weekend a new accessory shop, Joydrop, opened in Market Mall. But what they’re serving up is very different than any other retailer in the business.

Canadian designers, celebrity inspired lines and one of a kind pieces which start as low as $5 and move to in to the hundreds.

Last year I wrote about my then favourite summer accessory by Pura Vida from a Costa Rica based company.

But in our local market, they were near impossible to find.

Well Joydrop sourced a similar product for the $5+ price point.


A thrifty colourful accessories to layer and play in.

This company not only hires buyers but also trendsetters who scour world fashion magazines and celebrity tabloids looking for the hottest thing, and up and coming names in accessory fashions.

Each piece has a story and the employees are knowledgable and excited to share them with you.

Like to shop alone? Many of the collections sit with a bio card sharing the concept of their brand.


Joydrop has such a wide rage of pieces… From ornate and complex, to simplistic and delicate designs like this honey comb slider necklace.


At $96 this gold plated necklace is the perfect item to enhance your casual Sunday look.

But if you’re looking to layer and make a statement, these intricate crystal bracelets from France will have you causing a fashion stir!


I’m in love with the twisted rope one 4th from left!

Jewelry crush aside, Joydrop also sells a selection of other accessories like these hand engraved plated bags by Dareen Hakim


And this amazing product which will have your body sporting an all day glow just like the celebrities!


Seriously, not only will it hydrate your skin, it’ll give you that Mariah Carey million dollar sheen.

And don’t worry about it staining your clothes, the creator makes it clear that she wouldn’t make a product that would stain a $50,000 dress!

Joydrop is a store filled with interesting stories and designs; It’s a welcome addition to the fashion accessory world!

So check it out and find something that makes you feel fabulous!

Mr. Fab drop

Looking forward to reading your comments!