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June 17, 2014

This past weekend I packed some trail mix and hit the highway for my first small town wedding as my cousin Gord and his partner Chad were to wed in the quaint town of Coaldale, AB.


The beautiful wedding saw friends and family feasting on delicious food and dancing into the wee hours of the night.

There was an epic 3 tier vibrant blue cake and a floral colour palate that matched the lively personalities of the guests.

Needless to say, I was in love!

Now at some point during the evening I must have expressed my satisfaction over the décor and floral choices because the next morning a lion’s share of the flowers – which had coloured up the hall and church – were sitting on my doorstep!


Trying to recount the ‘tipsy’ events of the evening, I had hoped I hadn’t taken it upon myself to leave with parting gifts, but after a quick message from the Mother of a Groom, I was assured these were gifts delivered by the happy couple!

As such, it was time to put on my florist hat and get to work displaying them around my home.


As I dug deep into the trough of flowers, my hands continued to find unique and different buds.


A wide variety of interesting flowers I had never seen before.

And a variety of ones that I assume weren’t cheap.


As I continued to cook up display ideas like I was on a botanist version of ‘Top Chef” I started to run out of places and spaces to stow my little scented friends.


And then I began to question if my home was slowly becoming a real life scene from the movie ‘Bird Cage’!?


But I was committed, and I was going to find a place for ALL of them!


And now every room in my home is alive and filled with exciting memories of a wonderfully beautiful wedding.

Congratulations Gord & Chad… May your future be as stunning as your florals!

Mr. Fab florist

Looking forward to reading your comments!