Fashion for Fame

June 12, 2014

Music, fashion, creative display… There is nowhere better to let all your talents shine like Lady Gaga’s artRAVE Tour.

So what happens when you have a friend who has a major talent to mix art and fashion?

Ashley Autumn Lady Gaga

You not only get to wear some of her designs, you get to witness Gaga perform in them and then get invited backstage to meet her as well!

Our letter launch might have failed miserably… But Ashley had brought a surprise gift for Gaga.

lady gaga ashley autumn xo glitterbomb designs

After her letter hit the floor, she reached deep into her bag and pulled out a custom leather vest she had reworked into something spectacular.

Gaga Glitterbomb designs Ashley

And like Tom Brady, she grasped the tightly rolled fashion football and made an incredible 50 yard pass that landed at the feet of Gaga.

Sparkly and colourful, Gaga couldn’t help but take notice, and when she picked up the garment for further inspection, she was in love!

gaga in fan clothes artrave edmonton

In mere seconds, Ashley’s ‘last chance’ had made it on to the shoulders of Gaga!

Gaga then exclaiming “Which little piggy made me this jacket?”

We went berserk with excitement and when we finally had the attention of Gaga on Ashley, the offer to visit her backstage was made!

“You come back stage too!… You’ll come back stage, we’ll have a couple of drinks, I’ll go to my hotel room and I’ll lay my head down on my Edmonton pillow and have a few Sexxx Dreams!”

The fandemonium, the research, the reconnaissance, the talent and drive had all paid off and now Gaga was performing live in Ashley’s creation!

And Gaga was such a fan of her new look, that she was even spotted out in public wearing it later on!

lady gaga wearing ashleyautumnxo costume

A dream come true for Ashley and an exciting moment for us both… we were about to meet Gaga!

Tomorrow I’ll share a photo worth a thousand words!

Mr. Fab ootball throw

Looking forward to reading your comments!