Letters to a Lady

June 11, 2014

As my friend Ashley said, “If you want to meet Gaga, you’ve got to make it happen.”

And as an ultimate fan, Ashley not only put in the time perfecting our looks, she also does her concert research in advance.

Her discovery?

Half way through the show, Gaga comes out on stage as a couch magically appears… And fans in-the-know quickly launch ‘letters to Gaga’.

lady gaga all white artrave closer

1 shot to get a piece of paper from the pit, to her feet in hopes she might pick it up and read it outloud.

Much like Santa Claus, the read letter is then satisfied with the greatest gift of all:

An invite to go back stage and meet the pop icon herself!

But how to get your letter noticed?

An inflatable alligator and some glitter!!

artRAVE letter to GAGA lady gaga

Yes, it was time to play dirty and increase our odds… So all 3 members of our group wrote letters.

Meeting Gaga was in our not-so-distant future!

gaga lady gaga artrave stage final costume

The time had come and the couch began to levitate to the stage… We jockeyed for position.

I was up first;  I jumped high and launched the gator on to the catwalk and pushed with all my might…

Very little movement and my little chomper settled short.

Ashley’s turn; tossing her letter like a boomerang, we cheered it on as it floated over the stage, but a sudden backflip had it sailing halfway back to us before hitting the floor.

Lady Gaga Clear Catwalk Stage Edmonton

Rob was our last hope and like an award winning paper plane tosser, his letter landed on the pile with the rest of the successful fan throws!

We screamed like we had just won the lottery and as Gaga made her way over to the pile, we prayed she’d pick ours up.

Such was not the case that night.

Ashley’s letter layed on the dirty ground, Rob’s mixed in a forgotten pile like the ‘misfit toys’ and mine was now being kicked down the ramp by the lead guitarist.

letter to gaga guitar player

But it wasn’t over yet.

We had an ace up our sleeve, a game changer that would save the day!.

Tomorrow I’ll share the creative moment that saw success!

Mr. Fab letters

Looking forward to reading your comments!