Gaga Style

June 9, 2014

This week, FAB is dedicated to all the little monsters of the world who continue to find their voice through expression. These are the stories of costumes, friends, concerts… and GAGA!

Less than a month ago, Mother Monster (Lady Gaga) began her most recent world tour titled artRAVE, celebrating the release of her newest album: ARTPOP.


After a few shows in the USA, artRAVE headed north into Canada… And most importantly into Alberta.

With 2 shows scheduled back to back, first Calgary and then Edmonton, the heat was on to not only score some amazing tickets but show up in style to both shows.

Enter super Gaga fan and my good friend Ashley!

A long time fan, Ashley has been tracking Gaga’s fashion for years and is able to recreate and redesign some of the famed pop star’s most notable and obscure looks.


With plans to attend both concerts, which were a few short weeks away after the ticket purchase, Ashley feverishly began to conceptualize and design looks for us to wear to the shows.

Her look was pulled from Gaga’s recent Roseland Ballroom shows where she played to a smaller audience as the last act on the notable NYC stage.


With a few of her own twists, and the addition of a dramatic cape, all eyes were on Ashley as she arrived to the Calgary show.


Her recreation was so eye catching, even Gaga herself took notice via twitter.


As for me, my inspiration was pulled from Gaga’s most recent video G.U.Y. where she takes centre stage in front of a breathtaking wall of white flowers.


Not having quite the body to pull of a spandex onesie, I reinterpreted her floral backdrop into a fashionable garment.


A floral blazer which was business in the front and party in the back!


A modern day fashion mullet.

The outfits were ready, and we were off to the concert… But our agenda was more than to just dance and sing the night away… We were scouting out a way to inject a little more Gaga into our lives.

Tomorrow I’ll share on how we planned to meet the Queen of Pop!

Mr. Fab in floral

Looking forward to reading your comments!