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A Garden in the Sky

May 30, 2014

Recently, I made the move from the suburbs into downtown. A move that had me saying “Goodbye” to the lush view of the forest, and hello to the concrete jungle; and my balcony? A sky high Alcatraz!


High brick walls with concrete tile flooring, a far cry from the nature I was used to. While I love my new home, the outdoor space was not a place I wanted to spend any time.

But then a surprise email hit my inbox. Peter Cantley, the VP of Lawn and Gardens with Loblaws and the Presidents Choice Gardening Expert, contacted me. He was sending in a rescue boat and had plans to save me from ‘The Rock’.

He promised to teach me how to inject life and personality in to my patio using low maintenance plants and shrubs without breaking the bank. All the items would be sourced from my local Superstore.

Peter Cantley Makeover Patio (1)

He started with tomato and pepper plants ($15) to enhance my cooking, and edible herbs ($5-$10) to flavour things up.

Then added large pots filled with mixed flowers ($19-$25) and colourful side tables ($15) that convert into outdoor serving trays.


The plants were healthy, full, lush and most surprisingly… LOCAL! Loblaws has built relationships in each province and sources all of their outdoor plants from local growers and greenhouses; expert horticulturists who grow plants in the climate that they will stay in.

Add in Peter’s endless knowledge and easy care tips, and I might actually have a chance of keeping these greens alive!

And just when I thought I was summer set, Peter had one more thing in store for me…

A moving truck filled with an unimaginable surprise!

Everything needed to complete a fairytale patio makeover!


Comfortable seating set upon outdoor carpets and surrounded by 10 foot high cedars (incredibly priced at $15!) to block out the neighbouring building.

This was my own secret garden! And this daydream wasn’t even over yet!

Peter Cantley Makeover Patio (3)

Peter, knowing how I love to entertain, added a stunning 6 person glass top powder coated, weather resistant table ($299) to host my next dinner party; complete with a Tera Gear BBQ ($299) to cook the meal on!

Peter Cantley Makeover Patio (2)

A patio makeover which took my extended living space from unliveable to completely LOVEABLE!
A place I can’t wait to spend all my time.

Peter Cantley Makeover Patio (4)

I am so very grateful to Peter and the entire Loblaws family for their kind surprise and generosity.

Consider my patio your patio!

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  1. I was hoping there was give away with this post! In my neighbourhood the local outdoor decor consists of rusty (immovable) cars, over grown gardens, cigarette butts, a million children and a guard dog on duty (usually a pit bull) to protect all the valuables with in their domicile. I could really use a backyard makeover to make it the “diamond in the rough”. Please Loblaws and Mr. Fab??!

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