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Original Joe’s Gift Card Giveaway!

May 28, 2014

Spring is an exciting time for patio cocktails with friends and new seasonal menus!

Last week I took some time to reconnect with my good friend Lynnette while we basked in the afternoon sun and snacked on fresh new options at Original Joe’s.

When you live thousands of miles from an ocean, ordering fish can be dodgy… But OJ’s kicked ass with the fresh factor on their ceviche, and the portion size is reasonable for the $10.50 price tag.


Home run with the ceviche, so I decided to keep things fish-y, and ordered the PEI Steamed Mussles for $12.50.


I was concerned that the descriptor of a “cream sauce” would make them too heavy, but it was lightweight and flavorful!

Then, feeling that I was lacking my veggie component, I ordered up the Tijuana Street Corn!


And although it was nearly impossible to eat, and I ended up slathered in the creamy lime sauce up to my elbows, I will be attempting to make this at home. I feel it should be more of a private affair than a public spectacle.

My friend and I had such a delicious afternoon, and I want you to experience the same!

As such… I’m giving away a $50 GC to a lucky reader!

You’ll have two ways to enter,

#1 Tweet the following,

Hoping @immrfabulous will send me and a friend for fresh eats at @originaljoes


#2 Comment Below and tell me,

‘What’s your favourite food to BBQ?’

I’ll randomly select a winner and contact them this weekend!

Mr. Fab food & friends

  1. I love to BBQ, my favourite items to grill are veggie kabobs and shrimp skewers. I love OJ’s and would make good use of the gift certificate!

  2. I love BBQ’ing Kabobs, that’s actually what’s on the menu tonight (rain dependent)

  3. We love to BBQ! I’d have to say a perfect medium-rare rib eye with sliced potatoes,onions and carrots…..yummmmmm!

  4. Living in Alberta is have to say a great steak BarBQ is the ultimate Medium rare with all the fixins

  5. I am dying for a good steak. I will basically only be eating meat off the barbecue for the entire summer to catch up from basically being a vegetarian over here because the meat is brutal. And also, I love OJ’s

  6. I love to barbecue salmon fillets, marinated in a soy sauce and brown sugar with hints of lemon and garlic. Yum!

  7. I love to BBQ peppers on the BBQ with a lil Italian dressing on em. A bit of char….so tasty.

  8. I love to BBQ corn on the cob. Flip it this side and that side and and then slowly peal away the husks and “voila”, corn on the cob that is fabulously deliciously tasty. It’s yummy food for my tummy.

  9. Anything on the BBQ is AWESOME of course! Especially if it had legs before it went on…

  10. We use our Bbq so much during the summer, tandoori chicken tastes so good bbq’d! Add some grilled onions & green peppers, delicious!

Looking forward to reading your comments!