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Ohh… Chocolat Café

May 27, 2014

Contract away from home. Week 3. The point where I’m sulking so hard that I make Justin Bieber fans look geriatric. My cast-mate pulled me aside, “do you like chocolate?” and then sent me home with an artisan gourmet chocolate the size of my hand! My frown was instantly turned upside down by a decadent treat by Ohh… Chocolat Café in Prince George, BC.


Chocolatière Caroline Longhurst combined two dreams:
1) Bring quality chocolates to northern BC residents.
2) Create a space for chocolates, coffee & desserts to be served in a happy & calm environment.
She did just that with her husband, John, and opened the first shoppe in 2008. In 2010, they branched out to food trucks along with a café, followed by a third shoppe opening later that same year. Because her business was booming like mad, and everyone LOVES chocolate, they condensed the business into one large establishment in 2012. Bienvenue to the George Street location which serves homemade fare to accompany the sweet fest!


The café itself is delightful. Layers of chocolates on display. Freshly made soups, salads & sandwiches. Plus, many tables inviting one to sit down and enjoy un café with a friend. First date and feeling shy? Not to worry, as there is stack of board games to break the ice.


But my date would be a little different. No creeps off  of Tinder, instead I was invited old school (via telephone) to join chocolatière Keigan Stottart, and learn how to be an artisan of the delightful delicacy.

Keigan, think west coast surfer meets Willy Wonka, has been giving hands-on classes on how to make the goodies for sometime, but for me he offered a one-on-one lesson and shared a few Ohh… Chocolat Café secrets so I could pass them on to the FAB readers!


Making chocolate is akin to dating: QUALITY always comes first. As the melted heaven needs to stay at a consistent 30 degrees, don’t skimp on the product or tools.

Good chocolate + good ingredients + good tools = DELICIOUSNESS!


Pour the melted chocolate into the mould and be certain that all sides are covered. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned with lack of chocolate.

Tap the sides.


Scrape off the excess with a clean spatula (try not to use your tongue).

Shake off the excess melted chocolate into a bowl; as there needs to be room for the peanut mixture and if the mould with melted chocolate is too heavy, get a Keigan to tip it for you ; ).

Pop in the freezer for 8 minutes.

Then mix equal parts icing sugar and peanut butter and try not to eat by the hand full.

Portion out the peanut mixture into the hardened chocolate moulds and leave room for the chocolate topper.


Cover the peanut butter cups with melted choc. Make sure it’s filled to the edges of the cup. Tap sides & scrape off excess… Again, no tongue. Pop in fridge for 8 min or so until the chocolate hardens.

Take out. Turn over tray & tap gently. Slide into your own cupcake liner and VOILÀ: You are Juliette Binoche in Chocolat!


Keigan was an absolute gem to learn from. Even when my hand wasn’t strong enough to hold the mould upside down, he simply took over and complimented my beginner chocolates as if I was his prize student.

Now if your mouth is watering, for which ever reason, and you need to try it for yourself, you can book a private class for only $45! Or why not round up some friends so they can distract Keegan while you fill your purse with liquid chocolate .

Ohh… Chocolat Café is my new home away from home. If you live in PG and see me there, say hi and we can play a round of monopoly or my newest favourite game, ‘look how many Oopsies I can fit in my mouth’.


Mlle Fab ocolatière

Looking forward to reading your comments!