May 23, 2014

Next week, a new addition to the Calgary food scene will open.
Pizza and pasta so fresh (yes, they make their own dough) that it’ll have you jumping for joy!!


Benvenuto to my newest Italian friend: Bocce. The little sister of the well known Mercato.

Like its big sister, the ingredients will be fresh and the food will be creative, but there will be one delightful twist


All of the menu items will be under $20! (with the exception of the $22 charcuterie board).

Finally a quality pasta that I can afford!


Bocce will also be toasting up crusts in their pizza oven, and like the good samaritan I am, I was only too keen to help.


Now if a chef falls ill I’m ready to jump in at a moments notice! (Note: I’ll work for food).

I know my gluten free readers are all looking at this and thinking “what about me!?”

Well, Bocce has saved the best part of the meal for you!



A delicious balsamic reduction ladled over fresh strawberries topped with a mascarpone Frangelico whip.

I may have cried!

Bocce is a delicious new venture which offers comfortable, modern, intrusive dining.

Come as you are and stay as long as you like; no reservations required!

But wear your stretchy pants, you’ll want to sample it all!

Mr. Fab occe


Looking forward to reading your comments!