100 Years has Never Looked So Triumph (ant)

May 21, 2014

The Uniboob. The Double Boob. The Armpit Flab.

Three dreaded side effects of wearing an ill-fitting bra.

Ladies, we have all experienced at least one of these in our bra-wearing history.

You get ready in the morning, thinking you’re lookin’ fine only realizing you’re rocking a giant fashion faux pas.

But it’s too late. You’re in a meeting and that comfy sports bra you decided to hurriedly slip into is now making you look like you smuggled in a loaf of bread.


Sandwich anyone?

Your boobs don’t need the carbs – they need a properly fitting bra!

It’s the bra’s 100th anniversary this year. That’s 100 years of crammed, jammed, pulled and pinched boobs.

Triumph, one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies, discovered 76% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Ladies – our boobs deserve better and we deserve to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in our undergarments.



Triumph is launching the ‘Stand Up for Fit’ campaign because it’s time you start wearing the right sized bra.

30% of women, globally, have never experienced a proper bra fitting.

So – Fab Friends – now’s your time to discover your proper bra size and say so-long to that Uniboob forever!

Grab your measuring tape and follow this 3-step formula:

1) Wearing your best fitting regular bra (no padding or push-up), measure in inches a straight line right under the root of the bust. If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches to the total. If the measurement is an even number, add 4 inches to the total. This number is your band size.

2) Now, measure the fullest part of the bust loosely, keeping the tape measure straight around the back and level with the floor. This will determine your cup size.

3) Then, take the bust measurement and subtract the band size. The difference between the two numbers is your cup size:

1” = A    4” = D

2” = B    5” = DD

3” = C    6” = F

Don’t have a tape measure? Triumph has thought of everything!

Partnering with Hudson’s Bay lingerie departments, you can simply book a personal fitting by emailing or drop into a participating store to have a personal fitting with an expert Triumph advisor.

The lovely people with Triumph tried their fitting formula on me, then sent me a gorgeous sample of their iconic ‘Amourette’ T-Shirt Bra and matching hipsters in my perfect size! They fit like a glove.


I feel comfortable, confident and I will never see the dreaded Armpit Flab again.

M Fab oobies

Looking forward to reading your comments!