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Fashionable Faces of Saskatchewan

May 16, 2014

Fun Fact: I grew up in Saskatchewan, and honestly… I loved it!

It’s a great province full of wonderful people and places. On our farm you could spend endless hours staring up at the night sky, watching the northern lights and wishing on falling stars. Maybe that’s why I’m so blessed… All the hopeful wishes I made are coming true!

And now, when I travel the world, I always talk about the place I used to call home. Some people know where it is and others just give me the ‘all knowing’ look.

Let’s face it Saskatchewan, the rest of the world thinks they’ve got us all figured out; they’ve got a perception of a boring province with a bunch of style-less bumpkins.

Well world, you’ve got it all wrong!

3 years ago Saskatchewan Fashion Week decided to take charge and show the nay-sayers that the province has style. Now, at each sold-out show, 100’s of fashion savvy attendees come out to strut their creative side!

Saskatchewan Fashionable People SKFWK (4)

Not only are the ‘townies’ fashion forward, they are charismatic and stunning.

Saskatchewan Fashionable People SKFWK (2)

Personally, I believe style should be effortless and comfortable: just be who you are. If you want to wear denim overalls and a blazer… Do it!

Saskatchewan Fashionable People SKFWK (3)

I know that photo just got a few ‘side-eyes’ but let me assure you, I saw a very similar look on a notable stylist at Lincoln Centre during NYC Fashion Week.

Saskatchewan Fashionable People SKFWK (1)

Style is what you make it and fashion is always moving quickly

So keep doing your thing Saskatchewan, I think you do it very well!!

Mr. Fab style


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