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SKFWK, The Best in Show!

May 14, 2014

I have been lucky enough to travel to fashion events and shows around the world, and although I wouldn’t call myself an expert, I would claim to know a few things about design and execution.

For the 3rd year in a row, Saskatchewan Fashion Week has delivered one of the most exceptional productions I have been in attendance at. SKFWK hit the ground running 3 years ago, and continues to take long strides forward each year… Proving their dedication to fashion, culture and quality.

This past weekend, I once again paid a visit to Regina to take in the fashion event, and below are 5 of my personal highlights and/or moments from SKFWK 2014.

1. The Venue

This year, the sold out affair traded in their tent-in-a-park location for that of the Regina Film and Television Sound Stage.

The black washed warehouse style venue was transformed into an 2 part playground.

SKFWK Sask Fashion Week 2014 FAB (1)

The first space, created to host the pre and post receptions, was laden with elegant chandeliers, flowing white drapery and comfortable seating.
Designer pop-up shops were available to browse while others snacked on crepes and sipped wine while mingling.

SKFWK Sask Fashion Week 2014 FAB (2)

The main space held a simple black runway adorned with large screens on each side. As the evening was being live streamed on-line, the audience was able to not only see it first hand but was also able to witness what the audience at home was taking in .

2. The Host(ess)

For the second year, award winning actress, comedian and funny girl Amy Maytisio took the stage.

As stunning as she is witty, Amy once again had the crowd howling between designer showings with her wild antics.


One set had her fashionably toting a new hand bag on the stage. It wasn’t until she took her first sip from the “wine-purse” did she share with the audience that her newest accessory was courtesy of the liquor store.

Amy Matysio MrFab SKFWK 2014

A boxed wine in the shape of a purse complete with straw!

3. Retail Runway

I always find it really odd when I see retail stores sending fashion down the runway. It reminds me of the shows I used to watch during Buffalo Days. But when Coda Clothing & Shoes and Cade Style Lounge curated looks for men & women and sent them strutting, I was elated!

SFW 2014-Coda Clothing & Shoes-Photography (Large)

The rest of Canada has made assumptions on what they think Saskatchewan style looks like, but these retailers set the record straight.

SFW 2014-Cade Style Lounge (Large)

Select pieces from multiple brands and labels I have never seen before paired together in fresh and stylish looks had me wanting to leave the show early to shop.

4. The Hair

When I was 16 I tried to cut and style my cousin’s hair; how hard could it be to cut a straight line and use a curling iron?! And now, over a decade later, it’s still a topic that is not discussed.


But when I see good hair, I want to call her up and beg her to let me use her again as my model. And thanks to the styles at SKFWK, she had me blowing up her phone, texting my plea.


Interesting and complex, I’m certain that it’s in everyone’s best interest that my cousin hasn’t returned my calls!

5. Laurie Brown

I’ll be honest, when I heard a designer would be ‘changing’ her models on stage, I rolled my eyes and sighed.
But when Laurie Brown swung into action, I refused to blink!


A beautiful tailored sweater floats down the runway and within seconds – zip, tuck – the piece is transformed into a pair of fitted crop pants.


This was not cheap and schticky, this is  genius, creative design which was flawless!!

Tops to bottoms, bottoms to tops, I literally melted and slid off my chair like a pad of butter on a hot cob of corn!

It was brilliance and perfection

Throughout the 3 evenings of SKFWK I saw a total of 31 sets. Everything from sparkling jewelry to the colourful children’s designs from Moonstar Designs.


The show had it all and continues to command the attention it deserves.

SKFWK is an important production which continues to shine the light on talented Saskatchewan designers!

The province shares its fashionable presence and it is one of the best.


Endless compliments go to the hardworking production team and talented designers behind this massive production

Mr. Fab wk


Looking forward to reading your comments!