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Très Studio Barre Grand Opening – No Ballet Buns Required

May 7, 2014

I love me the finer things in life: Diamonds, Wine, Café & FOOD. The Sweeter & The Fattier = THE BETTER. Needless to say, I was definitely ready for the Très Studio  ‘Crazy Sexy Detox’.

Go to unlimited classes & eat CLEAN for 21 days. Shouldn’t be too difficult… Then I hit day 3 and I was ready to go to third base with the Shopping Cart at my local grocery store. Thankfully, my BARRE-TENDERS from Très intervened.

With the instructors all in place, Montréal has officially opened Très Studio Barre!  All of them are certified barre-tenders, but they each have special talents all their own!


Kara is a pilates beast. BEAST. Her classes have me sweating like Lindsay Lohan at an impromptu check stop. PLUS, her corrections are spot on. She not only physically guides the clients, but also verbally explains what’s going on technique-wise. Pre & post-natal mommies, praise the powers that be that Kara came into your life (Body aware peeps, you will DIG her – commence girl crush now).


Ying. OHM-MAH-GAWD. Ashtanga Guru, indeed. From the very first class I met her, I was ‘like a virgin touched for the very first time’ as she had me in poses deeper than I’ve ever gone. Why? Because she simply intuits when a student can be pushed. And, I’m not the only one: expect adjustments galore. Bonus? She’s an absolute gem. “Your arms aren’t long enough this morning? Grab the belt!”


Doreen. My beautiful ball bustin’ Bootcamp Tender. I’ve been taking Barre type classes since August. I adore, but it’s often basic. Not with Doreen. HIITS: High Intensity Interval Training. There is no time to think, just do. And, SWEAT! So, all you barre belles wanting a new challenge? Go to Doreen. Feel the burn & work that bum!


Élodie. Ma Belle Barre-tender. Want the French experience? This femme is your gal. She guides clients through Barre Concept en français. And, like all the other ‘tenders, even though you may not speak a word of French, you will understand what to do as she gently assists your body into position. Plus, if you’re an anglophone like I, think of it as a free French class thrown in. Oui, svp! Be warned now: her arms section is killer. Bonjour, Madonna pipes!


May-Lisa. Bombin’ Barre-Tender. Be led through Barre Concept from LL Cool J to Jamiroquai. She has developed a new class: Barre Hop, which I am über excited to sample. And, her physique is SICK. If that is any indication, Montréal you must thank her now as we will all be ripped!

Seriously these girls have got it ALL and they want to share their mad skills with you!

On May 10th they’ll be hosting an open house where you can sample some of their classes for free… and for one lucky FAB reader they’ll keep the free going for 5 additional classes!


In celebration of their Grand Opening, Très Studio Barre is giving 1 lucky reader a 5 class pass!

As always you’ll have 2 ways to enter:

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The barre-tenders at @tresstudiobarre are getting mine and @immrfabulous’s booty summer ready!


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A winner will be randomly selected on Monday May 12th.

And who knows… Maybe you’ll even be training with one of Très Studio newest booty-licious barre-tenders…


Trust me, she’ll make you sweat during her Barre Burst!


Mlle Fab arre Tender


Looking forward to reading your comments!