The Salton Sea

April 28, 2014

Back in 1905 a great flood in Califonia caused the Colorado River to change its path and overflow into an area now known as the Salton Sea.


Just hours outside of LA, soon new beachside communities began to develop and the Hollywood elite came to play.

An oasis in the desert, a mishap from a natural disaster, the Salton Sea was the place to be.

But now, a century later, what once was a bustling vacation spot to the rich and famous is now a eerily-still waste land.

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Soon after the flood, the Colorado River returned to its original route… Leaving the large body of water it created with no outflow.

From that day forward the Salton Sea began its slow death. The only supply of new water it would ever see would be that of agricultural run off.

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Because of that, the salinity levels have become toxic, causing the water to become saltier than seaweed and creating an unliveable environment for marine life. The soft sands of the beach, replaced by a sheet of crunchy skeletons.

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Efforts to correct the problems were abandoned back in 1955 and so were the towns and homes people once inhabited.

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To this day the Salton Sea continues to die along with everything in it and with everything around it.

A sad end to a fabulous life.

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