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Horsing Around with Odysseo

April 18, 2014

On April 23rd, the newest show from Cavalia’s Founder and Artistic Director Normand Latourelle will open in Calgary.


Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (7)

And yesterday afternoon when the 70 talented horses behind the incredible show ended their vacation, and returned to their home under the big top in Calgary…  I was there to welcome them!

Odyesso MrFab Calgary (Large)

I was lucky enough to see Odysseo during their Vancouver run, but yesterday I had the chance to see how their stage was built from ground up!

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (2)

The brand new tent, which has been constructed in Milan, is the largest tent in the world and is the approximate size of  1.5  regulation hockey rinks; but it’s what happens inside that is truly magic!

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (6)

As you step inside the tent on opening night, you’ll be welcomed into a world of enchanted beauty as the people and horses take you on an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (1)

Now I don’t want to give away too much, but throughout the evening the arena will continue to transform before your eyes as horse and rider share with you a night filled with surprise and wonder!

And as of yesterday Odysseo announced they will be with us for a little longer than originally scheduled. Because of the overwhelming support in pre ticket sales, they have just added an additional 12 performances.

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (3)

Tickets start as low as $24.50 and I can assure you your memories will be worth so much more.

Odysseo is a show you can not afford to miss!

Mr. Fab sseo

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