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Running with Glow Sticks

April 16, 2014

Lately I’ve been hitting the gym, trying to get my body back in to some kind of shape where I fit half of my clothing.

My plan of attack?

5 km treadmill sessions, also known as a 30 minute panicked nightmare

Running Girl

I’m a hot mess, but what is more distracting to passers-by than my excessive sweating is my awful knock-knee running form.

My run resembles the struggles of Winnie the Pooh trying to dislodge himself from the honey hole.

But just a few days ago I received an email telling me about an upcoming 5km fun run along the Bow River.

Show and Glow May 10th 2014

Show up, crack a glow stick and feel the breeze cool your sweaty brow!

Show and GLow

The best part of this is that it’s being put on by ‘It’s Date Night’, so if you’re looking for love or have a love, this is the perfect way to let them see the real you! Then it’s all up hill from there!

So if you’re mildly ashamed to run in full day light like myself, sign up for the Show & Glow 5km.

To make it even better, It’s Date Night have given my readers a promo code so you can save $10 off registration so you can keep your money for a ‘light-headed’ cocktail after the run!

To register head to their website HERE and enter promo code FABYYC at the checkout.

It’s time to get fit and have fun… in the dark!

See you May 10th!

Mr. Fab utter ball

Looking forward to reading your comments!