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The Paint Lounge Giveaway!

April 14, 2014

In my on-going quest to embrace opportunities to be crafty here in Toronto, I have recently discovered my new favourite place.

The Paint Lounge.


Toronto is an expansive city and often opportunities are passed up on as it would take a year and half to get there.

Well, with three locations – one located on College just East of Ossington, another in Markham and with an exciting new location opening this Summer in Leslieville – The Paint Lounge has you covered.

Now I haven’t painted in years and years, mostly because I’m a thrifty girl and painting start-up costs can be astronomical. You’ve got the brushes, the paint, the canvas, the easel… It all adds up and unless you’re going to try to make it as the next Picasso, it was just never worth it. But they’ve thought of that here!

Instead of paying for all the tools, you just pay for the canvas you are painting on, the smallest running around $20. This allows you to use any of the paints and tools you wish and stay as long as it takes to create your masterpiece.

The atmosphere is super friendly and inviting – for their Freestyle painting. There are inspiration books available to guide you and the encouraging staff will help you with colours. Also there are beverages and incredibly delicious local baked goods on site in case you need a break to realign with your inner Monet.


Of course if you need a little more help perfecting your technique, or have always wondered how those abstract masters did it – The Paint Lounge offers workshops to skill you in whatever you’re looking for.

And if that weren’t enough, loads of special events are happening each month! Live music or even their new Yoga + Painting workshop, where they invite you to practice yoga in their downstairs studio before moving you upstairs to complete your zen masterpiece. Namaste.

The Paint Lounge is so incredible, I can’t wait for you to try it out and because of that I have 10 – $10 gift cards up for grabs to motivate you to get started!

As always, you’ll have two ways to enter:

#1 Comment Below:

Tell me what your favourite colour palate is.

(mine’s anything pastel this season)


#2 Tweet the following:

I want to unleash my inner Monet with @immrfabulous and #Toronto’s @paintlounge.

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted next week!

M Fablo Picasso

  1. Hello Mr. Fabulous,

    This is my first time reading your blog, and it is fabulous! The Paint Lounge sounds like the kind of place I would love to get my inner paint on, since I just had my floors refinished and stained, and the black stain won’t be too happy if any paint gets dripped on it. My favourite palette this summer is Giant Goldfish, from COLOURlovers, with colours aoi, clean pond water, beach storm, giant goldfish and unreal food pills—see the palette here —it has been number 1 for a long time. I’m with you on the pastels for nails though, like thick pastel chalk colours.

    Keep up the fabulous work (KK should never have been allowed on Vogue’s cover, agreed).

  2. This is such a great idea and soooooo much fun! My favourite colour palate is bright and bold. I like primary colours!

  3. My favourite colour palette is comprised of neutral earth tones. The lounge looks like a good idea and a unique way to spend an evening.

  4. Thank you for entering the contest!! We love how bright and cheery your palette is.
    You have won a gift card to the Paint Lounge. If you send me your email, we will send you your gift card! Congratulations and enjoy your day!

  5. Oh, wouldn’t this be fun! My favourite colour palate would have to be seascape colours. I’m a sucker for blues and greens.

Looking forward to reading your comments!