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Three Wish Thursday

April 10, 2014

I always have a bad case of the ‘wants’ and this week is no different.

Here are the 3 things my heart desires and the stuff that has been keeping me up at night.

#1 Alexander McQueens De Manta Tote

McQueen De Manta Mens Tote

Although the magnatic lope ears of this tote require a team of people working together to open it, the De Manta is stylish, chic and the perfect size to tote around loose tissues, lip balm and possibly a muffin… or two.

#2 Crests New Toothpaste

Lime Spermint CREST BE

We all know this is going to be a hot mess in my mouth, but this new Lime Spearmint has me thinking of warm summer nights and cocktailing on the patio. Mojitos anyone?

#3 Norwegian Forest Cats

norwegian forest cat

If you’re going to own a furry beast that is going to shread your furniture you might as well go big or go home! This bushy cat loves the cold weather and makes a perfect companion for Canadian cat ladies.

Minty, Meow-y and Man Bags…

My 3 ‘wants’ this week!

Mr. Fab wants


Looking forward to reading your comments!