A ‘Sweet’ Disaster for M&Ms

April 9, 2014

I have never been one to turn down chocolate or cake, separately or together… But recently the two have collided in an unusual way, leaving a disastrous sugary carnage.

The new Birthday Cake M&Ms


Peanuts, almonds and original, all perfectly designed sweets.

Peanut butter and pretzels, not terrible… But questionably ‘delicious’.

But Birthday Cake?!

Imagine it’s Christmas Eve and you’re all sitting around the fire at your Grandma’s house. The coffee has just finished brewing and she asks “Who wants a bit of Bailey’s in their coffee?” Obviously the crowd goes wild and granny heads to the basement to retrieve the bottle.

The year was 1974 and G’s still got the original bottle of Irish Cream.

That’s what these M&Ms taste like. Nana’s Bailey’s gone bad!

It seems as though pigs must be flying because for the first time I’m turning down desert!

Mr. Fab &M

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