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We Built This ‘Kitty’?

April 8, 2014

Each day I spend endless hours trolling the internet for the next best thing. Fashion and music take up 50% of my time, while the remainder is spent watching viral cat videos.

Last month, I stumbled upon probably the most epically awesome waste of time that incorporates my love of all 3… And I literally can not get enough of it!

Sing it Kitty


The addictive website allows you and your friends to co-star along a magical cat in an 80’s music video.


Sure…. It’s pointless and makes absolutely no sense, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending my Saturday nights prowling Facebook for the perfect photos of my friends to use in the video.


Trust me, watch the video of the FAB family and see if you can resist making your own.


Finally you too can be the 80’s rock star you always dreamt of being!


Mr. Fab kitty




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