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Double Zero Doubles Up

April 7, 2014

I travel a lot and at times I’ll go weeks without a home cooked meal. But regardless, when I return to Calgary, I still find myself fleeing the kitchen for someone else’s.

And one of my favourite places to eat out at is…

Double Zero Pizza Chinook Centre Calgary (4)

Double Zero

Their chic venue and delicious menu  has me and a friend visiting numerous times each month.

Warm olives, Caprese Salad, and the original version of their Chicken Confit Pizza (sans leaks-add mushrooms), have become our go-to menu items.

And now, thanks to the new Chinook Center location of Double Zero in Calgary, not only can I expand my food range outside of the downtown, I will be able broaden my food horizon as well.

Double Zero Pizza Chinook Centre Calgary (2)

Earlier this week I was given a sneak peak of Double Zero’s new impressive 11,000 square feet venue which is split over 2 floors as well as their new menu!

The currently opened 165 seat top floor features their classic menu fare while their soon-to-open main floor will be where you can sample their new offerings.

Double Zero Pizza Chinook Centre Calgary (9)

A large rotisserie will be cooking meats for warm sandwiches, while the bartender can recommend the perfect Canadian craft beers to wash it down.

Double Zero Pizza Chinook Centre Calgary (5)

Not a lot of time, but need an afternoon pick me up? Hit up the barista for the perfect caffeinated beverage while picking out a dessert to eat on the go.

Double Zero Pizza Chinook Centre Calgary (6)

Or stay a while and take a breather from the indoors and enjoy their quaint 42 seat patio.

Whatever your style the new Double Zero will have your perfect menu and the perfect space for you to enjoy it.

Double Zero Pizza Chinook Centre Calgary (8)

Double Zero is certainly a welcome addition to shoppers looking to spend the day at one of the best malls in Canada.

Mr. Fab 00

Looking forward to reading your comments!