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Rebel Bingo

April 4, 2014

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in Las Vegas, but by far the craziest experience has been at The Act Nightclub. A hidden venue located in the upper level of the Palazzo shops. The club that was so outrageous, even by Vegas standards, that it has since been closed. Yet I feel compelled to share with you a night of fun which makes little to no sense.

THe Act Las Vegas

I had heard of this club through a friend of a friend who then contacted another friend to get me on the guest list. The night I attended, the scheduled evening’s event was to be hosted by a UK company simply listed as ‘Rebel Bingo’.

I needed to know more info in advance, so I went to the website for clarification.

“It’s not Bingo, It’s a game of passion and skill, It’s like going to see a band but it’s more of a game show and we don’t have any instruments”

I was confused… Was this bingo and could I win any money?

“You can win prizes. They are the sort of things you don’t really need – but when you see them you’ll want them more than anything you have ever wanted in your whole life!”

Now I was really confused… yet intrigued, I needed to go!


So did “Shit get real?”

As a bingo machine dropped from the sky, a gorilla grabbed it, acrobats on stilts appeared, and flames shot from their hands, anda human disco ball led the parade!

Yes, “Shit got real”!

The bingo cards are traditional… But the caller is not, letters and numbers flying out fast and furious as they await two winners, because they will be competing in a battle royal!


The prize is revealed, and it is indeed something you never wanted, UNTIL NOW!

A Slushy Machine, A Bunny Costume and Your Best Friend Panda… These were n0w prizes I couldn’t live without!


The music is heated, the crowd is frantic and the room is sweaty; we are all there to win!


And just when you think you’re comfortable in your surroundings and you’ve got the lay of the land, the environment changes and you’re swept up into a full blown confetti tornado.


The website had it right, “It’s hard to explain. But it’s pretty fun!”

This is an event that will change your life; something like you have never seen before.

ACT nightclub LasVegas MrFab

So keep your eyes peeled, because who knows where Rebel Bingo will pop up next!

Mr. Fab ingo!

Looking forward to reading your comments!