The Safety Taco

April 3, 2014

Remember in the late 80’s when Taco Nights with the family were all the rage? The excitement of biting into the stale, crunchy corn shell and having it immediately shatter into a million tiny pieces, followed by the pleasure of running to the laundry room to ‘Shout it Out’ so the neon seasoned beef didn’t stain your neon shirt. Ahhhh, those were the days.

Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Tacos (4)

Then, in the mid 90’s some brilliant scientist came up with the soft taco… Which was really just a flour tortilla shell shoved with all the same fixins. And although this was a definite upgrade, the finger contortion you had to master in order to hold the bundle together was a challenge of its own.

But now, and I’m sure this will win a Nobel Prize, this has been invented:

Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Tacos (1)

The Stand N’ Stuff Taco Shell

The well designed trough has you feasting like a farm animal without slopping it down your whites.

It’s a genius design that allows you to load in all your favourite taco components and enjoy them without danger.

No fuss, no muss!

Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Tacos (3)

Obviously I screamed like a women in labour when I bought these… But sadly, similar tears formed in my eyes when I realized these tiny taco sailing ships weren’t sold in Canada.

Perhaps Old El Paso thinks that us Canadians are such dainty eaters that the ‘sippy-cup’ version of the taco shell wouldn’t be accepted by the Queens people.

But sloppy Fab begs to differ.

So for now I will be importing these creative marvels and stock piling them for my weekly taco night… And who knows, I may even try to eat cereal out of them.

Double duty!

Mr. Fab shell

Looking forward to reading your comments!