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Tackling a Juice Cleanse

March 31, 2014

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; it seems that no matter where you look everyone is on a juice cleanse. And according to status updates… They’re looking good and feeling great.

So obviously it was time to jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot.

But why just keep my successes or my failures to myself? Instead I decided to write a story for my friends at Avenue Magazine and share my outcome… Good, bad or ugly.

Here’s an excerpt from day 3 of my Delicate & Raw Juice Cleanse:


Day 3

After another great sleep I awoke, opened my fridge, took one look at the remaining six bottles of fresh pressed juices and crumbled. My mind had turned on me and the thought of downing another ‘Hale to the Kale’ became too much. My willpower had failed and within minutes I was out the door on my way for a date with my good ol’ friend Eggs Benedict. 

As I lapped back the delicious hollandaise sauce, which I paid for later that day, I reflected on the words of Marie: “The three day cleanse is for the advanced cleanser who has cleansed before.”

To read more on my 3 day cleanse or the dynamic story behind the product, check out the full story here.

Mr. Fab & delicate

  1. never tried a cleanse…but wanted to. some of those flavs sound amazing….wonder if I could do a 3 day…prob not! i might fold in a attenpt to say no to a latte!

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