A ‘Cool’ Way to Pride

March 25, 2014

There are many ways to show your Pride, and with hundreds of parties taking place around the world at various times, the options are endless. But I have yet to see a Pride with a comparable backdrop or genuine innocence as the small town of Jasper, AB.

The only Winter Pride to take place in the Canadian Rockies.

Jasper AB JasperPride (1)

Where the town proudly welcomes its visitors from around the world stating, “It doesn’t matter who you love, it matters that you love!”

This past weekend I packed my bags and took the breathtaking 4 hour journey from Calgary to Jasper to share in their 5th annual pride celebration.

Jasper AB JasperPride (3)

Having attended numerous Pride events around the world, I was excited to see how Jasper, surrounded by snow, would show their true colours. After all… The floats adorned with half-naked supporters many have come to associate with Pride wouldn’t be quite the same with the LGBT community cloaked in parkas.

But for Jasper, the beauty is not only found in the people but in the natural surroundings.

Jasper AB JasperPride (2)

Jasper skips the pool parties and T dances, replacing them with stunning wilderness group adventures like Snow Shoeing, Dog Sledding and Ice Walks to help you get to know other pride goers.

Jasper AB JasperPride (4)

And the outdoor fun continues throughout the day on the slopes of Marmot Basin, the picturesque ski hill that draws adventurous travellers all season long from countries around the world.


Visitors and locals alike come together to spend the day participating in “fun runs”, daytime dancing and mountain-side BBQ’s.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there!

When it’s time for a sit down, the weekend hosts events like Fairy Tales’ “Flicks and Treats”, and the après weekend Sunday Brunch.

But the most heavily attend event is the Pride Gala.

A themed evening which this year saw hundreds of people, straight, gay or bi, sharing in the “Jungle Fun” festivities.

JASPER Pride Gala party 5th

For a town of 5000 residents, Jasper is one of the most delightfully unexpected pride events that I have attended in North America.

The support from the tourism committee, local businesses, residents and Mayor have made their Pride weekend a warm and welcoming place for the entire LGBT entire community!

Jasper has shown their pride and I couldn’t have been prouder to share mine alongside.

Thanks for being bold and sharing your love unconditionally.

Mr. Fab sper pride


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